Corporate Coaching is designed to guide and mentor corporate employees to
achieve their potential and help accelerate both individual success and the
success of your business.

Benefits of Corporate Coaching

A study in the Public Personnel Management Journal found that training
improved managerial productivity 22.4%, while training with coaching
improved productivity 88%.

David A. Fitzhugh, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard
Business School, believes the quality of the relationship between boss
and subordinate is a major predictor of success. Discussing
subordinates potential needs absolutely affects that relationship
positively, and there is a large payoff in productivity and individual

Strategies of Corporate Coaching

     - Focus on the mission and culture of an organization

     - Align employee and customer goals, actions and expectations with those of the corporation

     - Identify barriers and provide resources to corporate individuals and teams

     - Facilitate feedback, input and idea sharing

     - Increase work/career satisfaction and personal fulfillment

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Corporate Coaching

Edward “T” Daniels is an experienced executive and corporate coach. Ted’s experience spans decades of successful CEO positions in national and international companies with strong performances in analysis, problem solving, and creating profitability in companies. Ted Daniels founded Telequip Corporation when sold was valued at 45 million dollars.

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